GST/HST and Real Property Sales Under the Excise Tax Act, it is typically the vendor or seller of a good or service that is liable to the CRA for charging, collecting...


Specified Corporate Income – CRA Interpretation The CRA recently provided a technical interpretation where it discussed the application of the “specified corporate income” rules as proposed in the 2016 federal budget....


Principal Residence Exemption for Non-Residents – 2016 Update

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Principal Residence Exemption for Non-Residents The following are proposed changes to the Income Tax Act (Canada) to address government concerns about non-residents and their claim of the principal residence exemption.  These...


The CRA continues to aggressively audit the real estate market in the Greater Toronto Area and throughout Canada. A recent Financial  Post article highlights the scale of this CRA real...


2016 Federal Budget  On February 22, 2016 Finance Minister BiIll Morneau announced that the federal budget will be tabled  March 22, 2016. 2016 Tax Changes There is expected to be a...

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