Ontario’s  Foreign Home Buyer Tax / Non-Resident Speculation Tax Ontario has introduced a Foreign Home Buyer Tax / Non-Resident Speculation Tax  (“NRST”) effective April 21, 2017. Often referred to as a foreign...


GST/HST and Real Property Sales Under the Excise Tax Act, it is typically the vendor or seller of a good or service that is liable to the CRA for charging, collecting...


Specified Corporate Income – CRA Interpretation The CRA recently provided a technical interpretation where it discussed the application of the “specified corporate income” rules as proposed in the 2016 federal budget....


Principal Residence Exemption for Non-Residents – 2016 Update

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Principal Residence Exemption for Non-Residents The following are proposed changes to the Income Tax Act (Canada) to address government concerns about non-residents and their claim of the principal residence exemption.  These...


The CRA continues to aggressively audit the real estate market in the Greater Toronto Area and throughout Canada. A recent Financial  Post article highlights the scale of this CRA real...

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