Sunita Doobay is co-chairing and speaking at the ABA Section of International Law Spring Meeting in Washington, DC

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Sunita Doobay is co-chairing and speaking at the ABA Section of International Law Spring Meeting in DC. The panel consists of the tax committee and the immigration committee and will present on the 27th of April, 2017 at 11am -12.30pm. The panel will present on “Innovation – The Key to a Strong Economy: A Discussion of Immigration and Tax Policies to Encourage the Development of an Innovative Economy.”

The discussion will cover: 

As the world continues its shift to a knowledge-based economy, with a focus on services, competition for the best and brightest minds is intensifying. Long-term economic competitiveness requires companies to effectively attract the best minds, move service providers and employees across borders and ensure that domestic companies can compete internationally. Governments from around the world have introduced tax initiatives and immigration policies to help incentivize innovation and allow for movement across borders. The focus of this presentation is on the unique tax and immigration incentives offered by several major economies to encourage domestic R&D, and attract and retain talent. Panelists will analyze and discuss the incentives offered by each country, identifying successful policies and areas of improvement and where appropriate, discuss the actual or potential impact of the trade agreements.

ABA Section of International Law Spring Meeting 2017 will take place at Capital Hilton, 1001 16th St NW Washington, DC 20036-5794 from April 25th to April 29th, 2017. 

For registration and further information about the event, please click here.

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