New article by TaxChambers LLP on Directors’ Liability

Posted By: David M. Piccolo on January 8, 2012 at 12:39:03 in All , Articles

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Sunita Doobay published an article “Due Diligence Defence: Objective Standard” in the December issue of the Canadian Tax Highlights, published by the Canadian Tax Foundation.

The article offer a great insight into the recent tax jurisprudence on directors’ liability and will be of great help to tax and business professionals who either advise owner-managers or often serve as directors of small-  and mid-sized private corporations.

The article can be accessed through the Canadian Tax Foundation or through your tax research database (such as TaxNetPro or Knotia).

Please contact Sunita Doobay at (416) 847-7300 or at sunita.doobay@taxchambers.ca if you wish to discuss the issues raised in the article.

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