U.S. Tax Services Cycle

TaxChambers LLP uses an integrated approach in providing Canadian and U.S. tax services to its clients. We focus on offering comprehensive tax solutions to our clients that are aligned with their business goals and needs. TaxChambers LLP assists its clients in dealing with all aspects of U.S. taxation.

If one were to picture all instances where U.S. tax services may be required (what we refer to as “U.S. Tax Services Cycle”), they would see that all U.S. tax service areas closely interrelate with each other. For instance, U.S. tax planning has an effect on how transactions would be structured and what U.S. tax compliance would be required at the time of entering into proposed transactions and in the long-term perspective. Implementation of a proposed U.S. tax structure is also essential to ensuring the desired U.S. tax treatment and proper documentation for compliance, withholding and reporting purposes. Some of the U.S. tax services are transaction-based, while others are based on the client’s business cycles or particular needs.

Below, we outline certain sample areas that in our view represent the U.S. tax services cycle. The chart is by no means exhaustive and is intended to provide a general idea on navigating complex and sophisticated U.S. tax waters and on how TaxChambers LLP can help you.