U.S. Tax Planning

When a Canadian business considers expanding into the United States, there are multiple U.S. tax issues that need to be considered to effectively manage the company’s or individual’s U.S. tax exposure. Depending on the client’s objectives and applicable facts and circumstances surrounding its business, TaxChambers LLP is uniquely situated to assist its clients in developing tax-efficient strategies of expanding into the U.S. market, continually managing the U.S. tax exposure from U.S. federal, state and local level, and planning exit strategies. TaxChambers LLP provides U.S. tax planning services, for example, by:

  • Understanding client’s business and objectives, with a focus on aligning tax considerations to the client’s business needs;
  • Developing tax-efficient tax structures;
  • Providing legal support (drafting corporate resolutions, partnership agreements, intercompany agreements, and other documents).