Vitaly Timokhov presents in Chicago at the Canada-US Business Council

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Vitaly Timokhov will present in Chicago at the Canada-U.S. Business Council (“CUSBC”) on Canadian tax considerations for U.S. companies starting new business or expanding the existing business in Canada.

Based on a case study, the presentation will follow a typical expansion of a U.S. business into Canada, a route including

  • Starting export sales into Canada, direct or via agencies
  • Establishing a Canadian sales subsidiary, or purchasing an existing business
  • Expanding sales operations and starting manufacturing in Canada
  • Finding tax-efficient financing of operations, and repatriation of profits to the US

Vitaly will discuss major U.S. and Canadian income tax implications arising at each step, and provide practical advice to help avoid typical pitfalls faced by U.S. businesses in Canada.

 The presentation will take place on October 25, 2012 at the Metropolitan Club of Chicago.  For more information and to register, visit the CUSBC website at http://www.canadianclubofchicago.org/index.html

 About CUSBC

CUSBC is comprised of companies and institutions, business people, government officials and professionals. The CUSBC’s membership includes Fortune 500 companies and largest accounting and law firms in Canada and the U.S.

About Vitaly

Vitaly is a member of TaxChambers LLP, a Toronto boutique tax law firm focused primarily on cross-border and corporate tax planning. Vitaly is a Canadian senior editor and author of the Tax Advisor’s Guide to the Canada-U.S. Tax Treaty, a two-volume treatise on Canada-U.S. taxation.