Traveling to the United States on Business? Five Things You Need to Know Before Your Travel

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TaxChambers LLP invites you to an in-depth presentation and discussion on traveling to the United States on Business. We will discuss the following subjects:

1. U.S. and Canadian income tax residency rules – how much time in the U.S. is too much for a business traveler?
2. Directorship in U.S. corporations and LLCs – travelling to the United States in an executive capacity.
3. Creating a permanent establishment for your Canadian company in the United States: Dos and Don’ts.
4. Effectively managing your personal U.S. tax exposure – source rules and foreign tax credits.
5. Entering the United States as a business traveler: U.S. immigration status concerns.

This webinar will be presented by Alexey Manasuev and Vitaly Timokhov.

This presentation will take place on Thursday, January 30 from 12:00pm – 1:00 pm.

This webinar is free of charge. Space is limited.

If you have friends or colleagues who may be interested in this webinar, please forward this e-mail to them