Taxation of cryptocurrency transactions

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Taxation of Cryptocurrency Transactions With all the excitement concerning the price of cryptocurrencies, individuals and businesses have glossed over the fact that every cryptocurrency transaction is a taxable event that...


Bitcoin Taxation Basics

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Bitcoin Taxation Basics Bitcoin, writes Vern Krishna, is “a multi-faceted, highly technical and difficult to trace asset that may quite possibly be a pyramid scheme.” Vern Krishna  of TaxChambers LLP...


Cryptocurrency Taxation: How to file cryptocurrency use? Cryptocurrency taxation is front of mind for many Canadian investors. Vern Krishna of TaxChambers LLP explains how to file cryptocurrency use in his featured article for the Financial Post. The...


Income Tax Implications on Sale of Cryptocurrency One of the trends that emerged in 2017 was the increased interest, curiosity, and popularity of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.  With so many...

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