The SNC-Lavalin affair has dominated the Canadian news media for two months without complete revelation of what really happened. All that we know for sure is that SNC-Lavalin was charged...


Fines and Penalties

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Section 67.6: “In computing income, no deduction shall be made in respect of any amount that is a fine or penalty (other than a prescribed fine or penalty) imposed under...


The Three Steps of GAAR

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Please see Vern Krishna’s latest article for the Taxnet Pro: Tax Disputes & Resolution Centre titled, “The Three Steps of GAAR” where he discusses the general anti-avoidance rule as a statutory...


Fundamentals of Canadian Income Tax, Volume 2: Corporate Tax Fresh off the press! Volume 2 of Fundamentals of Canadian Income Tax by Vern Krishna has now been published. This volume introduces students to the...


Taxation of cryptocurrency transactions

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Taxation of Cryptocurrency Transactions With all the excitement concerning the price of cryptocurrencies, individuals and businesses have glossed over the fact that every cryptocurrency transaction is a taxable event that...

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