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TaxChambers LLP is a boutique tax law firm located in downtown Toronto, Canada.  Each tax lawyer at TaxChambers LLP has expertise in varying aspects of taxation law and related areas of law such as corporate/commercial law, trust law, and tax litigation.

As tax lawyers, we advise and represent clients from Canada and internationally in all areas of Canadian tax law such as corporate and business taxation, international taxation, personal tax and wealth planning, and commodity taxes (GST/HST).  We also represent clients in tax dispute matters with the tax authorities and at all levels of the court system.

To better describe the services that our tax lawyers provide, you may explore our practice areas where our tax lawyers may be of assistance.


Planning for tax is an essential part of any successful business. Each transaction undertaken by a business has tax consequences. As such, each transaction should be analyzed from a tax perspective to ensure that it is being undertaken in the most tax efficient manner available.  A tax lawyer from TaxChambers LLP will assist businesses from small and medium enterprises to public corporations in all aspects of corporate and business taxation.


Canada has a self-reporting tax system where each individual is responsible to report their income and determine their tax liability on an annual basis. Canada, like most OECD countries, requires its residents to report their world-wide income. Non-residents are also subject to tax and reporting requirements on their Canadian-source income.

Personal taxation is a broad and highly complex area of the law. Our tax lawyers advise high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs, families, executives, prospective immigrants and new Canadians with all aspects of personal tax and estate planning.


In today’s world we often overlook the borders between countries as we carry on business or buy a vacation home in a warmer climate.  However for tax purposes, the borders very much exist.  As such, the importance of the international tax rules found in Canada’s Income Tax Act and the Tax Treaties it has entered into have become increasingly important.  Specific international tax issues include:


The key to a successful resolution of any tax disputes is an understanding of how they can be resolved.  The best approach to resolving a tax dispute is dependent on a number of factors and should be determined at the outset of any interaction with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or provincial tax authority.  Our tax lawyers represent clients with some of the following potential issues:


An often overlooked area of tax law is the area of commodity taxes.  Commodity taxes include the GST/HST, as well as provincial taxes such as the gasoline, alcohol, tobacco taxes, customs and excise taxes.  It is an area that keeps evolving and is not stationary.  When engaged in a corporate transaction or exporting goods or rendering services inter-provincially in Canada, one must be cognizant of whether a liability has arisen to remit a commodity tax.  Our tax lawyers have expertise in matters of GST/HST whether as advisors or in disputes with the CRA and provincial tax authorities.

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TaxChambers LLP Webinar Series: August 2017

Please join Bobby Solhi of TaxChambers LLP for another installment of our monthly webinar series. In this webinar, we shall be presenting on the following topic:

- Refundable Dividend Tax On Hand (RDTOH): Overview and Tax Planning Tips.

This webinar is free of charge. Space is limited and attendance is on a first come, first served basis.


On November 20th, Sunita D. Doobay and Vitaly Timokhov will be presenting at the Law Society of Ontario’s, Taxation Issues for...